Winter 2003

  • Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Transcontinental Highwasys (Photo)
  • Overview of the Bricks & Stones Neighborhood (Map)
  • The Stone House at 1203 Lander Street (Photo)
  • The Giraud–Hardy House, 442 Flint Street, Reno by Anne Simone, Joan Collins and Helen Hardy Mills (Photo)
  • B.D. Billinghuyrst Junior High School (Photo)
  • The Lander Street Grocery (Photo)
  • On the National register of Historic Places
    The B.D. Billinghurst Home, 729 Evans Avenue, Reno
  • Historic Resources Commission Report by Mella Rothwell Harmon
  • RSCVA Emphasizes Cultural Tourism and Historic Sites by Mary Ann McAuliffe
  • Old Barnes are Like Old Suspenders by Jack Hursh, Jr. (Photo)
  • How to be a House Detective by Felvia Belaustegui
  • Preserving Nevada Barnes by Jack Hursh, Jr. (Photos and Sketch)
  • HRPS Presendent's Message by Kathy Wishart