Summer 2008

  • Downtown Reno Comes Full Circle by Sharon Walbridge and Debbie Hinman (Photos)
  • Roy Frisch — The Man Who Knew Too Much by Debbie Hinman (Photo)
  • "Walls of Wrath" Bus Tour by Debbie Hinman (Photos)
  • Helen J. Stewart, First Lady of Las Vegas Edited from text by Carrie Townley Porter (Photo)
  • On The Historic Register: "Hawkins House" 549 Court Street, Reno, NV Edited from text from Darla Porter and SHPO (Photo)
  • From Your HRPS President by Felvia Belaustegui (Photos)
  • Historic Preservation Master's of Science Option at UNR by Mella Rothwell Harmon, M.S.