Winter 2011

  • Six Historic Reno Homes on October 2010 Tour by Sharon Honig-Bear and Debbie Hinman (Photos)
  • Slabs of Bronze by Kim Henrick (Photos)
  • Nevada in the West, a Magazine of Popular History Review by Kim Henrick (Photos)
  • Report of 2010 Historic Reno Preservation Society Historic Walking Tours by Ed Wishart, Walking Tour Chair
  • HRPS Putting More Emphasis on Preservation by Sharon Honig-Bear (Photos)
  • HRPS April 27, 2011 Film Night, the Steamy Film Wild is the Wind by Cindy Ainsworth (Film Poster)
  • Definitions from 1879
  • The HRPS Porch Party by Debbie Hinman (Photos)
  • Report on the Harvest of Homes Tour by Sharon Honig-Bear (Photos)