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Hi and welcome to HRPS' blog! My name is Debbie Hinman and I'll be one of the contributors. I'm a longtime HRPS member, former board member and current member of the FootPrints editorial board, writer, tour guide, and amateur historian on all things Reno. I have never blogged before, which I can add to my list of things I've never done which include tweeting, posting on Instagram (not sure what this is), following Pinterest, and this omission which some people feel is the most heinous of all, never seen any Star Wars movies. But I do know Reno, having been born here in the fifties and living here my whole life with the exception of two years away. What I didn't know about Reno growing up I have since learned through spending long, enchanted afternoons in the Nevada Historical Society Library and multitudes of hours at my computer pouring over old local news articles on, and best of all, chatting with local people who have been here longer than I and/or had varied experiences and paid better attention.

Having never blogged, I was hesitant when approached by our HRPS Webmaster to do so but in speaking with people on the topic, blogging as I understand it is just climbing up on a figurative soapbox and blathering on about whatever one wants. As those of you who've read my FootPrints articles and been on my walking tours can attest, I am eminently qualified to do this.

While I am capable of blathering on about whatever I like, I really prefer two-way interaction. I often receive inquiries about Reno via email and am always happy to respond but maybe these questions are some that others have wondered about or know something about that would enrich my response. If something you see posted here strikes a chord with you, write back and and add your reminiscences. Hopefully others will add theirs and we can really get a conversation going. If we can't answer your question, we will research it for you.

Finally, as the Internet reference on blogging tells me, the most important thing is to have a passion for your topic. We at HRPS have that and you have that, or you wouldn't be here. So let's talk about Reno!

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