1680 Greenfield Drive

This home has very old roots, beginning life in the early 1900s as a stable on ranch land, far outside the city limits. In 1957, it was purchased by an architect who had relocated from Southern California to Reno in the 1940s. His name was Russell Clopine and he and his wife Vega occupied the home he built, using the existing structure and adding on to it to meet their needs. Clopine ran his office out of his home, much as the current residents, Herb and Naomi Duerr, do today. Today the residence is a rambling mid-century ranch house with a low-slung profile and an interesting floor plan. The Duerrs purchased the home in 2009 and were immediately forced to do major remodeling, due to a burst pipe that filled the home with water. This turned into a mixed blessing when removal of some of the sheetrock revealed wonderful old beams from the original stable structure, which the Duerrs have incorporated into their design. The home is comfortable and lovely. A unique old walk-in meat locker has been retained in the kitchen area and now functions as storage and a wine cellar. A large garage in the front of the home has been converted into a spacious office area. However wonderful the home itself is, the grounds are spectacular and featured on the Rail and Garden Tour each year. Within the two acres are a large natural pond, multitudes of assorted fruit trees, flowers and other greenery and paths through it all with little private seating areas for rest and contemplation. Walking the paths, it is easy to imagine you are out in the country, far from civilization, instead of less than a mile from shopping and restaurants. Tour attendees can explore the grounds as well as the house.