7090 Aspen Glen Road

Although this property is "modern" as compared with our usual tour offerings, having been completed in the late 1970s, its site is stunning and very historic. As late as the 1930s, the South Verdi Road began at the base of the hill leading from California Avenue and wound its way westward along the Truckee to a crossing where early pioneers continued on to California. Today, Aspen Glen Road branches off Mayberry Drive near where the Mayberry Bridge crosses the Truckee and ends at a bike and foot bridge leading to the north side of the river. It is a very private, lush area and the homes on the road vary in style and size. The home at 7090 is a Contemporary-style gem with a split-level plan, flat roof and massive stone fireplace. Its clean modernistic lines and picturesque setting along the Truckee River is reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture. In fact, it is surrounded by water with the river to the north, the Last Chance Ditch on the west side and Hunter Creek on the east side of the property. The home was designed circa 1972 by property owner Raymond J. (Jerry) Poncia Jr. but not completed until 1977. Poncia received a degree in architecture from Western Reserve University in Ohio. His father, Raymond Poncia Sr. was a local businessman, and Jerry's grandfather (also named Jerry) came from Italy and settled in Sparks in 1900. This home was recently purchased by Kelly Rae and Pamela Haberman of HabeRae Development. They have done some needed updating but the impact of the original space is breathtaking. Large windows take full advantage of the setting, filling the house with light and bringing the outdoors inside. The rock and wood of the interior contribute to the natural feel of the dwelling.

No parking is available on Aspen Glen Drive

Aspen Glen is a narrow country lane and has no parking area. We ask that you follow these directions and use the footbridge over the Truckee River:

Turn-by-turn Directions:

From Dorostkar Park at 6331 Mayberry Drive, drive northwest to West 4th Street (0.3 mile). Turn left (west) on West 4th and drive 0.3 mile. Turn left on Woodland Avenue. Take the first left onto White Fir Street and follow curve (0.3 mile). You will be in front of River School Farm and near the walking bridge.

Navigation System Directions:

7777 White Fir Street (River School Farm address)

Either of these should take you to parking on White Fir Street or along the Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway. Look for the balloons at the entrance to the walking bridge over the Truckee River that takes you to 7090 Aspen Glen Drive (This is near the site where the Pioneer Trail crossed the Truckee River).